Megamax No. 1 Classic

Meet Megamax No. 1 Classic

Megamax No. 1 Classic is currently our largest week set on the market. The set consists of eight pill boxes – one for each day of the week + one extra. Megamax is, as well as our other products, designed to make your daily intake of medicine easily manageable. Making it is extremely user friendly, as it provides you with an effortless way to store and organise your medication. Megamax Classic is the ideal choice if you use a larger number of pills per week, or if your pills are sizeable.

A Megamax pill box filled with m&m's as a size guide

Each pill box is divided into four compartments, which are marked ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime’, so you can quickly obtain an overview of your daily medication.

The pill boxes are encased in a robust vinyl cover secured with a Velcro fastener, so it’s convenient when you are traveling. Going out for the day? The set also includes a one-piece sleeve enabling you to carry an individual box.

The size of Megamax also comes in handy with animals, because the large compartments can accommodate animal pill sizes, which tend to be on the larger side. The week set with marked sections makes it easy for you to control and keep track of the medication. It’s so easy they could almost do it by themselves – if only they had thumbs.

Whether you need to organise your own, your family’s, clients or even animals’ medicine. Megamax will provide you with a simple, yet sustainable, system to help you keep track of everything.

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