What is medical non-adherence?

In our experience, there are many people wondering what medical non-adherence is about. Well, medical non-adherence, is the problem where patients are unable to take their medicine as recommended from their doctor. Non-adherence results in about $290 billion of unnecessary medical and treatment costs, alone in the US. This causes a big strain on the healthcare system and also leads to unnecessary illness and hospitalization.  

When a doctor prescribes medication for a patient, only about 50% take the medication as prescribed. A Canadian study shows that only around 31% of new prescriptions were filled within the first 9 months.  The study features 15.000 patients who received about 37.000 new prescriptions over the course three years.

How can you prevent medical non-adherence?

These statistics show just a small portion of the problems that puts a strain on healthcare systems. To help prevent non-adherence, patients are provided with medical organizers, such as Kibodans products. These products are pillboxes labeled with the time of day, and the seven days of the week. This is the safest and simplest solution to ensure that patients take the right medication, in the appropriate dose, at the right time.  

It is important to us that we can offer a solution to this problem that helps patients and ensures peace of mind for close ones. 

How is the situation in Denmark?

A report by the Danish health and elder’s ministry concludes that 10-15% of the patients between the ages of 65-74 take more than 10 different kinds of medication per year. Patients are responsible for their own intake of medication, and the most common reason for medical non-compliance is forgetfulness. The elderly are especially vulnerable because taking different medications simultaneously significantly increases the risk of adverse effects if the medication is taken incorrectly.  

With Kibodans products, medication can be organized in the appropriate doses for one week at a time and you can take it with you anywhere! Your local pharmacy can also provide you with knowledge of your medication. They can also advise on how to store and take the medication safely and correctly

Please help us to stop nonadherence, and get the right organizer for your needs.