Feature of the month August: Mininizer Sclerosis Association

Mininizer is our well-known sponsorship gift. We bring it wherever we can because it’s a product that makes it easy for our consumers to organize their daily medicine. This month we worked with the Sclerosis Association for their annual ‘Walk and Talk’ event. We provided sponsorship gifts with their logo on. As sclerosis patients take a number of pills every day, both for the disease itself and for the side effects of the medication, we were happy to contribute with gifts. Medicine consumption must be taken seriously and must be taken in a timely fashion. Our Mininizer is ideal for these demands.  

Our classic Mininizer is as always split into four compartments, with the numbers 1-4 in the bottom of each compartments. These four numbers correspond to morning, noon, evening and night where you can take your daily medication. In addition to this, braille is written on the bottom of the box, so it also works well for blind patients. Since the Mininizer is a single box, it’s a perfect solution when you’re on the go.   

Kibodan provides pillboxes for events such as Walk and Talk, making it easier for patients to dispense their medications, especially on the move. You no longer need to carry your pills in their original packaging or wonder whether you remembered to take your pill at lunch. 

Remember, you can always get your associations’, or company’s logo on Kibodan’s pillboxes.