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Medidose Leatherette red

Feature of the month: Medidose Leatherette red

Christmas is that time of the year, where you want to make your loved-ones happy. For Kibodan Christmas means to spend quality time with your family and friends, and the color red plays an important role as well. If you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas present, we can recommend you our Medidos leatherette in the beautiful color of love: red.  

Medidos makes it easy for you to organize your pills in a charming way 

Our Medidos leatherette in red is a real eye-catcher and makes it easy for you to organize your pills for the whole week. This week set includes seven separate pill boxes for each day of the week, printed with the four times of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinnerbedtimeEach pill box is divided in 4 separate rooms and makes your dose of medication much easier.  

The perfect Christmas present for your loved-ones  

Our red leatherette is a week set in an elegant and original Danish design and a practical tool to organize your pills at the same time. Therefore, our red Medidos is the perfect Christmas present for your loved-ones or a nice treat for yourself in the busy Christmas time.