Feature of the month: Mininizer Colour Rack

Mininizer Colour Rack is perfect for kids and people who love colours. Like our other products, our Mininizer Colour attempts to make the action of taking pills less taboo. You do not have to look sick just because of you have some pill intakes – and neither does your children. You can buy one of the one box pockets in a variety of colours, or just have your colour rack in your bag or your children’s school bag.  

There are many children who suffers from diseases where they are addicted to pills – with this product you can make it colourful and fun for your child to take their pills. Marked with each day of the week on each box, there are four rooms for four times at the day, respectively. Morning, Dinner, Evening and Night. You no longer need to be nervous about giving your child their pills. 

The weekset itself comes in a sturdy rack to keep your pills easy. They are fastened securely as each box is sealed and cannot fall into the bag. With measures of 18.9 x 10.2 x 1.8 cm, the Mininizer Colour Rack can be included anywhere. It is also suitable for blind people, as blind marks are marked in the bottom. 

Designed by Halskov and Dalsgaard, this is of Danish quality, and no similar dosing box is available on the market.