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Our History


The Danish pharmacist Mr. Fabricius developed a pill box together with his wife. The couple found that there was a need for organizing ones’ daily medicine dosage. The production started in 1967 and the product was sold in their pharmacy in Frederiksberg.


Kibodan was established by the Bohart family, and the rights to the pill dispenser design and production was bought from the Fabricius couple into the company. The pill dispenser was sold in
Denmark under the trademark  MEDIDOS®  and export was established to a number of other countries.


A new and bigger pill box, MEDIMAX®, was added to the product line, and the business began to sell to the Danish healthcare sector.


On the 1 st of February, Kibodan was bought by Qvortrup Holding A/S, Gentofte, Denmark.


The company developed several other pill dispenser collections: MEDINIZER® and MININIZER® and a hip protector line marketed under the brand name HIPS®. These products originated from Qvortrup Medical, a subsidiary of Qvortrup Holding. Qvortrup Medical and Kibodan merged and continued business under a new and improved product range.

2009 / 2010

Kibodan’s products are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and in the home care sector.
Private customers can now purchase Kibodan’s products in almost every pharmacy in Denmark.


Kibodan’s headquarter is moved from Gentofte to bigger facilities in Rødovre, Denmark. This is an important step in Kibodan’s history, because it enables the company to have more space for both machines as well as the office.


All Kibodan employees and suppliers are proud to be the producers of what we believe to be the most simple, flexible and effective dosing systems on the market. Our products are now available on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK, and for the first time, since 1972, we sell directly to the consumer.