Medidos No. 3U Classic


Medidos No. 3U is an easy way to store and organise medication. Medidos No. 3U consists of one pill box and is ideal for a small number of pills per day.

The pill box contains three removable dividers that can be adjusted to accommodate pills of different sizes. The dividers create four pill compartments, which are marked ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime’.

A vinyl sleeve is included, enabling the user to carry the box around. The patient’s name and other important information can be noted on the bottom of the pill box.


  • Consists of 1 pill box
  • The pill box has 4 compartments
  • Marked ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime’
  • Includes a vinyl sleeve
  • The pill box is dishwasher safe (50°)
  • Pill box: 9.5 X 2.1 X 1.9 cm

Nice to Know

Made in Denmark


Used by Healthcare Professionals

CE Certified

Dishwasher Safe